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IT turkeys: 7 government projects worthy of a roast

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Cartes Paris seems very busy,

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Check out the Smartcards Twitter list I've added to Listorious rfid mifare idcards smartcards
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Check out the RFID Twitter list I've added to Listorious rfid mifare hid

Friday, November 13, 2009

Heading to Paris fro the Cartes Tradeshow, any restaurant recomendations
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anybody Heading to Cartes Paris Security Trade Show and Conference Next Week?
Patents Being Approved for RFID Readers On Your NEXT GEN iPhones

Friday, November 6, 2009

Biometrics and ID News: Pakistan ahead of USA, India in biometrics, says NADRA:
The New York Times: Their Fort Hood Shootings list
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The Full Moon over Orange County tonight is awesome

Cartes Paris

Each year, CARTES & IDentification brings together in Paris, the widest international array of products, equipment and services and the greatest number of French and international professionals.

The sectors of activity represented:

* Authentication
* Application software & middlewares (servers)
* Biometrics
* Card personalization and security
* Cards, smart cards, contactless
* Data processing equipment
* Digital ID
* Digital security solutions
* Embedded software middleware
* Engineering & systems
* Identification
* ID management
* Logical access control

* Card production, machinery
* Machine to machine
* Maintenance
* Memory and smartcard ICs, passive components, materials & micropackaging
* Mobile security
* Physical security devices
* Services, card management, loyalty
* Security solutions for readers & terminals
* Single sign on
* Tags RF & smart labels
* Tests & measurements, test tools
* Trusted third parties
* Associations, press
L-1 unveils new biometric devices
22 September 2009

L-1 Identity Solutions has released a series of indoor, weatherised and extreme access control devices for the commercial and government markets. An order has already been placed for the 4G PIV-TWIC Station Extreme, designed to meet the specialised needs of ports, military bases and airports.
“Our access control solutions can now perform in any operating condition and in any government and commercial installation,” says Robert V LaPenta, chairman, president and CEO of L-1 Identity Solutions. “I am particularly pleased with our new PIV-TWIC reader, a solution that is a direct response to the need for a more robust device for securing access to our nation’s ports. Early feedback on the unit from the field indicates that it is significantly stronger than other readers under pilot at the ports today and we believe much of the functionality we offer in the unit today will set a new standard for the industry in the future.”
According to the company, the 4G PIV-TWIC Station Extreme is ruggedised and can withstand sub zero climates of -13 degrees Fahrenheit and desert temperatures of 158 degrees. It is IP 65 certified and capable of operating in severe downpours, ice and snow. L-1 claims the unit identifies users regardless of finger conditions that may be wet, greasy, severely dry or cut or damaged. It also includes added security features such as fake fingerprint detection and anti-spoofing capabilities.
Other key features of the PIV-TWIC Station include:
· Single units read multiple credential types, performing biometric verification for PIV, TWIC and CAC-EP cards, visitor and transition cards (MIFARE, DESFire);
· Features large 3.5 inch colour LCD display screen and can display 2D colour images contained on cards;
· Leverages the latest communication standards with support for Ethernet, PoE and wireless LAN (WiFi);
· Offers flexible deployment options with single, two- or three- factor authentication;
· Accommodates MARSEC and threat level security requirements with the ability to operate in several different modes;
· Provides extensive storage capabilities at the device level for locally stored hotlists, Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL), event logs, biometric templates and more.
The Extreme and indoor versions of the 4G PIV-TWIC Station meet Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) ICE certification requirements as mandated by the Transportation Security Administration Authority (TSA).
Other new products available for the commercial market include the 4G V-Station Extreme for harsh operating environments and two weather resistant readers for moderate outdoor conditions, the 4G V-Flex WR and 4G V-Station WR.
anybody heading to Paris for the Cartes Tradeshow?