Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mobile Biometrics

From law enforcement, to military, public transportation, border control, and commercial shipping authorities, mobile biometrics are quickly becoming a lifesaver to these industries in order to speed up processing of people and goods.

In a fast paced society of higher productivity, international competition, and just-in-time manufacturing, it is becoming a necessity to implement systems that can deliver the demands of our global economy. Governments and industry are turning towards mobile biometrics to meet this need.

Governments are implementing mobile biometric solutions for passport processing, voter registration, and SIN and SS cards to help reduce ID misrepresentation and lower the risk of human error.

Law enforcement are supporters of mobile biometrics, as it speeds up the identification of individuals in-the field, saving time, resources and quickly identifying threats.

Employee time-keeping, access control and security systems, are mobile biometric applications being used by commercial businesses to improve productivity, and reduce loss & waste.

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